Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Eat Out. Father's Office [two perspectives].

There’s a reason why Father’s Office (Santa Monica) is often standing room only. That reason is multi-faceted, and, to some, perfect. Their cheeseburger (blue cheese and gruyere, caramelized onions and arugula) has been long renowned as the best in L.A. by the gourmet set. And gourmet it is. At $12.50, some think substitutions should be allowed, but they are strictly prohibited. As is ketchup. But it doesn’t need it. It’s a juicy burst of savory goodness. And the piping hot sweet potato fries on the side and a cold beer make it all the more delicious. Especially if you have a seat. A perfect stop before or after a film at the Aero Theatre.

-- Leslie Anne Wiggins

I like to think of myself as a cheeseburger aficionado. Well, maybe not aficionado, because all ground beef between buns usually does the trick whether it’s from Rally’s or a ten-dollar jam at Umami Burger, but I really, really like cheeseburgers. And after all the hype surrounding Father’s Office, my burger tooth was prepared for a sublime meaty treat. Unfortunately, my expectations were not met.

The burgers are pan fried, not grilled, and really, I could cook up the same thing at home. The toppings are on point— the melty cheese, sweet onions, spicy arugula and the lovely bun it all floats on—but they have little impact surrounding such an ordinary patty.

Maybe it’s just the idea of spending hard-earned cash on something that tastes like my mom made it for a rushed Monday night dinner, or driving all the way out to Culver City to elbow through some bar-crowd looking for a table, but I think there are some other more satisfying—and cheaper!—burger joints in LA.

My advice? Stick to The Oinkster in Eagle Rock or even good ol’ Fatburger (lazy junk-foodies can even order online to really speed up the gratification) for a truly yummy burger experience.

-- Heather Robertson

Photo credit: Father's Office

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