Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Check It. Tweetbookz [Gift Guide].

With the holidays just around the corner, The Beat is here to bring you our favorite picks for unique, fun gifts for every person on your list (maybe including yourself!).

So apparently, this Twitter thing is a big deal. I, for one, don’t necessarily understand the point of trying to prove to everyone how awesome your life is(n’t), but some tweets are undeniably entertaining and useful. Plus, if anything, Twitter is just a technological, up-to-the-minute version of the diary, of which my 13-year-old self is definitely a fan of. Diaries are fun!

Which is why Tweetbookz is a pretty cute idea. For that person who really does treat their Twitter like a diary, and does care enough about their tweets to use it for something more than just posting links, Tweetbookz takes any number of tweets (up to 200 at a time) and publishes them into one concise, aesthetically-pleasing book. Each page has one tweet on it, printed on pages with fitting Twitter’s sweet bird and environment motif.

At only $20 for a soft cover book and $30 for a hard cover, with different covers and designs available, this makes for an inexpensive and unique gift for your favorite tweeter (Twitter-er? Twit? Okay, sorry.). Only, beware, this will really make them believe that their life is just that cool.

--Chau Tu

Photo credit: Tweetbookz

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