Monday, December 7, 2009

Make It. Clean shoes [A Clean House on the Cheap].

Windex. Once relegated to just cleaning glass surfaces, is actually amazing at whitening tennis shoes. Spray a little on the rubber part of your tennies and rub with a clean, dry paper towel. Instantly, they are whiter. Be sure not to get any of it on the canvas part of the shoe because it will bleach your shoe, doing more harm than good.

The Dryer. Or, as I call it, "the iron." I can't iron. I can do basically any household task, but when it comes to ironing I put more wrinkles into clothes than I take out. And I hurt myself. It's quite a sight actually. But, for those like me, who don't want to wear wrinkly clothes, but are useless with those dastardly irons, throwing an article of clothing in the dryer with a very moist (but not dripping wet) rag will do wonders for your clothes. And, unlike time consuming ironing, you don't have to stand there and work at it. You can just go about your business and voila! Your clothes are ready. Thank you, Mr. Dryer.

A clean microwave seems to be something relegated to the land of unicorns, pixies, and Santa Claus. At times, it feels like they just don't exist. Quite often you can go to the cleanest person's house and still find a raunchy microwave. And reasonably so. Food gets cooked on there, and after a few uses, they can get plain filthy. But, put a half glass of water in the microwave and cook for a minute. All the gross food is steamed away, or easy enough to clean off and the steam reaches the less visible parts of the microwave, like in the holes in the side area.

Send me your tips and I will try them out and post the results!

-- Lauren Williams

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