Sunday, December 6, 2009

Check It. New Vampire Weekend.

The hype machine for Vampire Weekend keeps on rumbling.

After releasing mysterious album covers and peppy singles with confetti-laden videos for their upcoming sophomore effort, Contra, the Ivy Leaguers now have a b-side for fans to contemplate, discuss, argue, and obsess over.

"California English Pt. 2" (a presumed companion to "California English," a song on Contra) stands as the only other track on the vinyl single for "Cousins," available on Dec. 15. Here is the new song, for your perusal:

Vampire Weekend undoubtedly is facing near-unbearable pressure with Contra, but after hearing this jagged, dreamlike track, call me impressed. Plus, I always dig a little West Coast lovin'.

So is "California English Pt. 2" worth the hype, or is it all too Animal Collective for you? Drop a comment.

-- Chau Tu

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