Monday, December 28, 2009

Make It. Using vinegar [A clean house on the cheap].

Vinegar is another one of those household staples that everyone has, but isn't necessarily sure what to do with. When I recently moved, I had four different containers of vinegar, but almost no other food. Rather than own a litany of cleaning products, a container of vinegar can be used in laundry, cooking, degreasing, and just about any kind of household cleaning.

It is because of its high acidity, that vinegar works so well as a cleaning agent. ONLY use white vinegar for cleaning, removing stains, and other household improvement projects. Never try to clean your coffeepot with balsamic vinegar or red wine vinegar. It will definitely be very regrettable, and will probably result in you needing to buy a new coffeepot.

Among its many uses, vinegar can be used in laundry to remove foul smells and stains, clear out hard-water deposits in your coffeepot, and is far more environmentally friendly than many other cleaning products.

It really is a miracle product. It's great at getting grease off of something, can be used to deodorize, and can even freshen wilted vegetables. It can also be used to clear up hair product buildup by adding a teaspoon to your shampoo.

This website has other amazing tips on how to use vinegar when cleaning your house.

-- Lauren Williams

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