Monday, December 7, 2009

Etc. Holiday tunes

Even though they start before Thanksgiving, radio stations never even scratch the surface of all the Christmas music floating out there in the universe. I would love to hear your guesstimate on how many versions of "Silent Night" have been recorded, because my calculation is somewhere close to infinity (I mean, even Willie Nelson has a rendition).

To help you sort through it all, Pandora has an option to create stations that will only play holiday-geared jams. So when you search an artist they pop up twice, once with (Holiday) after their name. Want to hear Christmas music similar to "Wonderful Christmas Time"? Pull up Paul McCartney (Holiday). Easy Peasy. You can still be festive and never have to hear Mariah Carey again*.

One of my favorite x-mas treats is The Kinks' "Father Christmas"--a song completely ignored by radio(most likely for its rollicking realism) but in heavy rotation in my apartment. Check live footage of it below.

Comment with your favorite Christmas cuts. Links are welcome!

*J/K. Mimi+"All I Want For Christmas is You"=Luv 4 Eva.

-- Heather Robertson


  1. That's odd - I'm not seeing the word Hanson anywhere in this post...

  2. I thought it would all go without saying.