Friday, December 11, 2009

Check It. TOMS Shoes [Gift Guide].

You've all heard the story: that cute surfer-looking dude who went on The Amazing Race with his sister started up this shoe company that gives to a child in need one pair of shoes for every pair bought. "One for One" says TOMS' motto.

Who could resist, right? Getting to be charitable without having to do much at all, except buy yourself something. Too good to be true. And it was, for a while. Because what their motto didn't say was, 'Wow, these shoes are pretty freaking ugly.'

I mean, look at this shoe. I'll just wrap my foot in a bandage, thanks.

I get it. Some people don't care about what their shoes look like, they're comfortable (go choke on a Croc), and it's supposed to be for charity, blah blah blah.

Okay, they're not that bad. But if I'm going to spend a hard-earned $50+ on charity/myself, I may as well look really good doing it. Plus, I’d want them to be more than just wrapped canvas.

TOMS heard my calling (it was like those “Windows 7 was my idea” commercials). It seems now that not only have they made that front foldover part a bit less awkward looking (and probably better fitting), but they added things like stitching. And grommets!

These "Cordones" pictured on the right are in the good ole trustworthy canvas, but TOMS is also offering them in wool and some flashy silver material.

It's all in the details, TOMS, and finally, you've got it. Now we can all join in on the charitable giving--perfect for the holidays--and not feel so darn unfashionable about it. Oh, and these come for $69/pair, but hey, it's the holidays, and it's for charity. Blah blah blah.

Now please, don't get me started on these:
-- Chau Tu

Photo credit: TOMS


  1. Chau! Do you think MY Toms-shoed feet look bandage-wrapped? ;)

    Love the Cordones.

  2. Leslie, the bright-colored spots on your TOMS actually hide its hideousness. So good choice. :)

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