Friday, December 11, 2009

Do it. Bundle up!

This weekend's expected to be quite cold, very cold for Los Angeles standards, and if you're like most Angelenos and only have one set of clothes (people in other parts of the country have "winter clothes" and "summer clothes") then here are a few tips on bundling up that I've learned from friends who've been in wilderness survival classes.

First, focus your layering on the central parts of your body, i.e. chest, torso region. Most of your blood goes here because things like organs are important. If you feel cold in your feet or hands, instead of adding another pair of socks or gloves, add a sweater or better a vest.

As my one friend put it: "Your body is smart. It knows it needs a heart more than it needs a hand." Basically, your body reallocates blood to the most vital areas when it is cold. So focus on your vital areas and you will be fine.

Also, wool repels water, so for your feet and hands or other areas that get wet often cover them in wool socks or mittens.

Stay warm!

--Lauren Williams

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