Monday, December 14, 2009

Etc. Banshee Beat video.

As a now-regular commuter to the heart of Los Angeles, braving those packed freeways for a simple paycheck, I admit I have become immune to all the wonders this city's roadways hold. I am a born-and-bred Angeleno; these freeways have always been part of my blood and I appreciated them to a certain extent--the memories of trips to Orange County for delicious Asian food, the drives to college seeing downtown L.A.'s skyrises on the horizon. But commuting has ruined it all.

I discovered this video after my friend Greg posted it on his facebook, and let's just say that I've become nostalgic again. Eugene Cheung, the filmmaker (whom I know nothing about, sorry), writes in his description of the film that this traces his own commute to a job in L.A., and with Animal Collective as the soundtrack, this video just can't get more fitting. There is beauty in simpicity, my friends, and thankfully Cheung's video reminds us all of that. (And with the genius of using Google street view, ah!)

-- Chau Tu

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