Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Eat In. White bean salad.

One of my favorite salads a friend of mine taught me is also probably one of the easiest. White beans, chopped raw, white onion, and chopped cilantro, seasoned with a little salt and lemon juice. It's amazingly tasty, and very healthy.

A trick my roommate taught me to take the bite out of raw onions is to sprinkle some salt on them and rinse in a colander. Then squeeze with a paper towel. That nasty, harsh taste basically disappears.

Another catch is that it is very hard to find unseasoned white beans. Many of them come in a strange, seasoned marinade, but Sun-Vista carries a good, unseasoned canned white bean.

This salad is great for parties or picnics because it doesn't have any mayonnaise and you don't have to worry about it sitting out all night and spoiling. This is also a great thing to have for leftovers because it marinates in its juices, and is really nice to take to work the next day.

-- Lauren Williams

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