Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Make It. Cookie mix [Gift Guide].

For those who have waited 'til the last minute, here's a quick, easy Christmas present to give friends and coworkers. This is actually perfect for the completely antidomestic person, because these people probably have all these ingredients sitting unopened, in their cupboard now, waiting for the day when they're actually in the mood to bake.

It's also nice for The Person Who Has Everything, because they probably love cookies or bread just as much as The Person Who Needs Everything.

Find a cookie or bread recipe and print as many copies as you have friends who you haven't yet bought gifts for. You'll probably need things like all-purpose flour, chocolate chips, baking soda, maybe yeast.

Take a clean Ball jar and measure out in water how much volume is in half a cup, a full cup and pour the water into the Ball jar. Draw the measurements onto the Ball jar with a colorful permanent marker. That way when your cookie/bread/scone/pastry-of-some-kind mix is all used up, your gift recipient has a brand new measuring device.

I used coins of various sizes to measure the circles where the measurements were.

Place all the dried ingredients from your recipe into the Ball jar, keeping them separate to create a cool layering effect. Obviously, don't add wet or perishable ingredients, because those will spoil and giving someone rotten food would be a horrible gift.

Tie the recipe to the ingredients with colorful ribbon and you're good to go!

-- Lauren Williams
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